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Blank Canvas puts your galleries, museums, and artists in front of art consuming Coloradans across the state. We achieve this through our integrated approach of print, web, and social media platforms.. and, with our strategic distribution model, verified data, and circulation numbers unrivaled by any other local art & gallery publication, Blank Canvas is the only magazine guaranteed to reach this culturally rich market. In fact, there is no other art & gallery publication like Blank Canvas in Colorado.

Greater marketing success

The best marketing strategy is one that encompasses multiple strategies and puts them together in one package. This is exactly what we offer when you choose to advertise with Blank Canvas.

With print media, we help you create the foundation of your information and guide your brand’s message as it is passed throughout the social community. By cross promoting the contents of print, web, and social media, you increase the volume of your message, focus the accuracy and add frequency, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. As markets fragment, an integrated marketing strategy is now the essential method for greater marketing success.

We look forward to sitting down with you, getting to know more about you and your business, understanding your marketing needs, and helping you build a successful advertising campaign.

Please contact us to talk about your advertising requirements and our prices.

William Cameron



Blank Canvas 38 is currently published once per year. When you purchase a print ad with us, in addition you receive an online profile portfolio. This gives you incredible amounts of imagery and information you can provide on your art gallery, art museum, or as an individual artist. Plus, you will receive 8 event or exhibition listings as native content on our site. It's the ideal platform to generate engagement with customers looking for your services and products throughout the year.


Our readers are a highly-engaged audience. The average reader spends 40-minutes reading an issue. 79% read both the articles and advertisements. 75% of readers keep magazines as a part of a collection. 65% of readers took action or plan to take action as a result of exposure to print magazine ads. ​


Print magazine

25,000 copies printed per issue. Estimated 3.5-readers per copy. 500+ distribution points across Colorado. Find a location here: Where to find us

Audience reach

Total Reach: 100,750/issue

Magazine Print Readership: 87,500/issue

Social Media: 10,600/year

Magazine Digital Readership: 2,650


Median Age: 54

Female / Male: 65% / 35%

Median Household Income: $116,700

Married: 69%

Registered to Vote: 95%

Obtained Bachelors Degree: 51%

Homeownership: 82% Primary / 37% Secondary

Art scene demographics

Coloradans visit art galleries, watch movies, see plays, and read books more than almost any other state in the US, according to a wide-ranging study released from the National Endowment for the Arts.

In fact, Colorado ranked number 1 in the percentage of residents who personally perform or create artworks, with 64.6 percent of adults. 

Colorado also ranked second in the US for residents who attend films at 68.5 percent of adults, second in the nation for visits to historic buildings, neighborhoods and parks at 41.2 percent, third in reading literature with 59 percent, and third in attendance for live music, theater or dance shows at 44.4 percent. That last result is well above the 31.6 percent national average, according to the NEA’s State-Level Estimates of Arts Participation Patterns.

Statewide, the percentage of Colorado’s population with a bachelor’s degree is 38.3 percent, versus the national average of 24.8 percent.

Source: The Denver Post and the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Print advertising

Print advertising among our brands have proven popular with people and businesses offering excellence in their prospective fields, with recent clients including: Sotheby's, American Museum of Western Art -Anschutz Collection, Smith Klein Gallery, Clyfford Still | Museum, Museum of Art -Fort Collins, Saks Galleries, Denver Botanic Gardens, Metropolitan State University Center for Visual Art, Robischon Gallery, McDonald Automotive Volvo, Ferrari of Denver, and more.​

Ad Options

Print display advertising options

Premium Double Spreads, front of book

Regular Double Spreads, run of book

Two-Page Consecutives, run of book

Premium Full Pages, forward pages

Regular Full Pages, run of book

Half Pages, run of book

Third Pages, run of book

Sixth Pages, run of book

20-line print index listings, listing section​

Print display advertising specifications

Please see our Ad Spec Sheet here: Advertising specs


Print Media Kit 

The information provided here, on our website, serves as the primary Print Media Kit. A Print Media Kit can be provided to you by email upon request.

Every print display ad, 1/3th page and larger, receive one 20-line print index listing and one online profile page complimentary with full-year agreements. All 20-line print index listings receive one online profile page complimentary with full-year agreements. All print ad purchases come with free ad creative services.

Editorial opportunities

Celebrate your gallery, brand, artwork, or events with high-quality editorial exposure in print, online, or in Blank Canvas' e-Newsletter. All copy is produced in-house by our talented editorial team who will work with you to maximize the impact of your feature editorial, capture all facets of your message, and tailor your piece to appear as native content.

A range of bespoke options are available for you to choose from.

Editorial Opps

Print editorial options

2-page News Article, limit one per book

4-page Feature Article, limit one per book

4-page Feature Interview, limit one per book

Online editorial options

News Article, limit four per month

Feature Article, limit four per month

Feature Interview, limit four per month

The topics of all print and digital features are subject to the approval of Blank Canvas' Editorial Team. Content must be relevant and engaging for our readers, and will be produced in-house from all provided images and PR Materials. If you're in need of a photographer, one will be provided at the rate the photographer charges.

Each print editorial will appear in our online editorial and in our quarterly e-Newsletter. Each online editorial will appear online and in our quarterly e-Newsletter. Email us for further details.

Deadline and on-stands dates

The first issue will be an open deadline and we will go to press once all ad spaces are filled. After this first issue is released, all dates provided below will be our hard deadline dates. 

Issue, 2024

Editorial reservation deadline, June 1, 2023

Print ad reservation deadline, November 10, 2023

Ad creative materials due, November 20, 2023

Camera-ready artwork due, December 1, 2023

Issue on-stands February 1, 2024




Thank you for your time and consideration.

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