A Culture Preserved (Black Experience)

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Museum of Art | Fort Collins

201 South College Avenue

Fort Collins, Colorado 80524



Museum of Art | Fort Collins

Exhibition overview

“Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world.” -Bell Hooks

The Museum of Art Fort Collins presents A Culture Preserved (in the Black Experience.) “An exhibition of art by Black artists from Colorado and around the country is sorely needed in Fort Collins and the Museum of Art is proud to highlight the talents of these 10 Black artists who are creating paintings and sculptures in the intersection of contemporary culture and Black history in America.” says executive director Lisa Hatchadoorian.

A Culture Preserved (in the Black Experience) represents how we as Black artists preserve our culture over time, how we speak out against injustices, and how we pave the way for future generations. It reflects a strong heritage that has shaped the values, beliefs, and aspirations of a nation of people who have been stolen, beaten, and enslaved, but yet survived. A people that have risen from the muck and mire, and have been continually degraded.

A people persevering in the midst of challenges and continual oppositions to define our own identity. The artwork in this exhibition takes our cultural heritage and mingles it with our present day struggles, reaching those unobtainable and denied goals and achievements to become the voice for the Black culture community today. This exhibition exists for the preservation, cultural awareness, affirmation and to share the cultural richness of the Black community here in Fort Collins and beyond. It is designed to present to the viewer a visual narrative told through the eyes of the Black artist from around the country.

It is designed to spark conversation collectively, creating dialogue that stimulates communal growth while exploring how we as Black Americans relate to and fit within the so-called American dream where we have had to consistently reshape and reformulate our identities.

This exhibition presents the artwork of ten influential Black American artists from across the country. Each with a very distinctly different yet culturally relevant message. Each artist brings their own unique flavor to the exhibition’s narrative with a mixture of painting, drawing and sculpture.

This exhibition mandates that Black culture has the right to exist, the right to be, the right to representation here in Fort Collins and the world. It invites the community to embrace and to engage in and experience Black art and culture.

- Louise Cutler, Fort Collins, CO Curator, Artist

Colorado Artist in the exhibition

Thomas Lockhart, Denver, Jim Wider, Black Forest Co., Efilaf Art, Fort Collins, Louise Cutler, Fort Collins

All artist in the exhibition

Louise Cutler, Karen Drewry, Efilaf Art, Gerald Griffin, Thomas Lockhart, Joyce Owens, Charly Palmer, Deborah Shedrick, Jim Wider, Kevin Wak Williams

Credit information

Karen Drewry, Black and White Heads, 2020

Gerald Griffin, Tiana Too, 2018, oil on wood

Charly Palmer, Erase and Yellow, acrylic on canvas