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851 Santa Fe Drive

Denver, Colorado 80204

Santa Fe Arts District


Bitfactory Gallery

Art Gallery & Studios, Visual Arts

About Bitfactory Gallery

Sitting in the heart of the Denver Art District on Santa Fe, Bitfactory Gallery has briskly become a haven for artists of all disciplines from around the world. Propelled by a lifelong love of art, Bill Thomason founded the gallery in 2015 centered on the singular notion of cultivating a community of creatives like the one that propelled his passion for painting as he studied art at University of Colorado Denver. 

Over the past three years, the gallery has successfully showcased the work of acclaimed Italian artist Bruno D'Anna and famed animator Ron Campbell from the '60s-era Saturday morning Beatles cartoon series and 1968’s Yellow Submarine, along with hosting renown modern, street and pop artists like Emit, Keith Jive, Tuke, Mike Graves, Topher Straus, and Art by 13. 

Thomason also regularly curates the monthly exhibitions featuring a parade of the Mile-High City’s most celebrated emerging artists, a cast of creative masterminds like Charly Fasano, Vincent Cheap, Amy Lee Lummus, Rebekah Corah, Julia Linova, Kari Bell, Prerna Kapoor, Anna Marie Mead, Elaine Wendt, Sharon Healy, Gregg Harkenrider, Perle, and Jason Cope, among others. 

Complementing the traditional art shows, Bitfactory has also hosted photography exhibitions from world famous fashion photographer Gary Wallis, landscape and wildlife photographers Curtis and Linda Ghent, and celebrated concert photographer John Cutaia, along with a collection of graphic art of current and former designers from The Firm Graphics, an internationally renowned design team that includes Steve Blakley, Thomas Weaver, Seth Broman, Jake Martin, Stephen Mancha, Dylan Wood, Shawn Astrom, Eric Halborg, Robbie Maestas, Steve Berumen, and Kenneth “Pepper” Macy. 

In addition to the gallery, Bitfactory is also home to more than a dozen design studios occupied by a cadre of creative types including a recording studio, graphic designer, painters and photographers.


Sunday - Wednesday: closed

Thursday - Saturday: 11am - 3pm